LoveBird Creative © 2016

LoveBird Creative is a screen print studio creating custom wedding invitations and reception details inspired by each individual couple.


Kelsey Gallo created LoveBird Creative after designing and planning her own wedding. As a print designer she was unhappy with the options available to her as a bride to be and looked for an option that truly captured her and her fiancées personalities.


She had been screen printing for only a short time and realized she had many more options creating her own artwork and printing the invitations herself. Afterward it was like the sun came out and everything seemed clearer, she wanted to dive completely into screen printing wedding invitations and help brides create other details for their weddings that could be expensive with other print methods.


Now using water colors, colored pencils, colored papers, even fabric dyes with her constantly growing knowledge of ink mixing techniques and illustration, Kelsey is able to create invitations that would be unreasonably expensive using other print techniques.


Ink on paper is only the beginning of what LoveBird Creative can create.